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A Unified Approach to management consulting

Unified is a management consulting and technology implementation firm that provides innovative management and technology solutions to critical enterprise-wide challenges for government, healthcare, and commercial clients.

Why choose us?

Our consultants are some of the most talented in the world, yet we still offer our services at competitive market rates. Unified brings deep, functional expertise. We are known for our holistic perspective and approach: we capture the value and reuse across verticals, practice areas, and between the silos of any organization.

Quality Services

Considering IT challenges, global supply chain disruptions, and

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increasing complexity

in the public, healthcare, and commercial sectors, there is a lot of room for complications to sneak in. Unified consultants help our clients do more with less, smoothing out your processes and increasing your agility and effectiveness.

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Strategy Consulting

Unified grounds your strategy on the influencers related to your business,

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industry, and constituents. We consider where you stand competitively in your market, your financial position, the state of the markets, and mission objectives. Then, our consultants implement a strategic plan to set a path to harmony, prosperity, and longevity.

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Risk Management

Your business needs to take on smart risks that make sense for

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the company. Unified brings time tested frameworks and processes for assessing risk to the table, delivering proven results for worry free, sleep filled nights.

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As an organization, you need a clear path to digitizing your core business

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and accelerating technological growth to stay relevant in an ever changing landscape. Unified consultants will light the way.

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Consistent business competition compels professionals and

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companies to contemplate “what differentiates them from their competition?” Unified believes that a critical factor to truly set our clients apart is to enhance the skills through consistent and appropriate ongoing learning.

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Project Staffing

Unified‘s Project Based Consulting Team has expert knowledge

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in the tech industry and in your local job market to help you find the right professionals, for short or long term needs. We provide the flexibility to help organizations scale up or down depending on their workflow, to maximize resources and leverage opportunities.

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Unified is an amazing company to work for, offering careers for undergraduates, advanced degree holders, and experienced professionals. We provide a Unified approach to Management Consulting through a balanced approach to recruiting

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